John McGraw for Trustee
Union Township – Core Services and Infrastructure Should Come First

In these economic times it is important that we protect our core services and infrastructure. Union Township needs ideas and input from its residents. Our Police and Firefighters need to know we back them and they need the best equipment. We have purchased new police cars, fire trucks and other equipment they need to operate.

Union Township was paying almost $50,000 a year to mail a news letter.  The news letter is offered on line. We have saved $50,000 and only mail the letter to those who request it.  I led the way to start a Facebook page and our meetings are now available on Facebook.  Over 6300 people follow our Police page and over 700 follow our township page. We now communicate faster and in real time. 

We have made many infrastructure repairs such as sewers on Rumpke Rd and Clermont Lane to stop flooding. We refurbished both lakes at Veteran's Park and Clepper Park. We made upgrades and repairs to the Park and Ride at the Civic Center and add new parking at the Civic Center. We also repaved many Township streets and added miles of new sidewalks for better pedestrian access. 

Since I was elected in 2013, Union Township has seen record amounts of new residential and commercial development. We have filled up many vacant store fronts and added many new restaurants and businesses to Union Township.  We are leading the way in the Greater Cincinnati area with new construction and development.  Many improvements have been made to the Mt. Carmel area. I can envision a revitalization of this historic area. With the right infrastructure we can rebuild historic Mt. Carmel and bring back the old town feel with gas lights and brick sidewalks.

We used to have many vacant homes in Union Township.  We have been making great strides to reduce vacant properties. I now track the number of properties that are vacant without water service to gauge the progress we are making.  Many empty homes are now occupied and real estate values are on the rise. We have torn down dozens of worn down properties including the vacant Frisch's in Mt. Carmel.  Our zoning enforcement has increased to limit properties that have not been taken care of.  All the land at Ivy Pointe is now purchased and projects are planned. Under way now at Ivy Pointe is the Clover Senior Apartments and more projects are planned.  The Ivy Pointe Extension is now completed and the Aicholtz Rd Extension is under construction now.  Ivy Pointe is finally moving towards completion. 

I want to live in the best township possible. I hope you do too. It is time to continue the action plan I have helped move forward and continue to improve our core services.  I see an even brighter future for Union Township and I am going to fight to make sure we protect our core services and infrastructure.

John McGraw

4604 Blainfield Ct.

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