John McGraw for Trustee
It is Time to Change Union Township

To: Residents of Union Township, Ohio

My name is John McGraw and I am a candidate for Union Township Trustee. I am working everyday to give you the best customer service.  I work for the residents. I respectfully ask for your vote to keep me in office. 

I live near you in the McGuffey Lakes neighborhood on Blainfield. Like you, everyday I travel down Tealtown Rd. Most days I am with my kids coaching baseball at Tealtown ball fields. I am also a member of the Cincinnati Nature Center and I support many community activities. 

If you will support my re-election to Union Township Trustee, I will pledge the following:

  • Improve customer service.  I think Union Township residents should be treated with respect and given the quality service they deserve.
  • I want your voice to be heard. Just like me, you pay a lot of taxes, and pay them faithfully, but no one ever has asked what we want for the township.  I want to start getting ideas from all the talented people who live in this area and start a movement where these ideas come together for a much improved township. 
  • Put "trust" back in Trustee.  We need to restore ethics and honesty back in this office. We have had enough scandals and improper acts in Union Township and we need to insure that these scandals never happen again. 
  • Keep partisan politics out of the Trustee’s office. Right now we have removed Clermont County politics  in the Trustee’s office and I want the best interest of the township looked after, not party politics.
  • Get back to core services. I do not want to raise taxes. Raising taxes will make real estate values drop even more. Let’s make sure people can pay their mortgage first. We have to keep finding creative ways to generate revenue and not only rely on property taxes. 

I hope I will have your support in November.


John McGraw

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