John McGraw for Trustee
Press Release

December 19, 2020
Union Township, Clermont County

My name is John McGraw and I am seeking to be re-elected Union Township Trustee in 2021. I am working hard for you now and I need your help to get our message out to the residents of Clermont County.

I hope you would consider supporting me with a contribution of $25, $50, $75 or $100. I would like you to get involved in your local government.  Real change starts on the local level.

You can send your contribution to:

Friends of John McGraw

4604 Blainfield Ct

Batavia, OH 45103

These are the promises and results I made when I was elected in 2013 and 2017 as a Union Township Trustee:


Put “trust” back in Trustee. Result: With new leadership there have been no new scandals. We now do yearly audits on our books for transparency. We added Facebook pages where our meetings can be easily viewed.  We continue to be the only Township or City to have fully accredited Police, Fire, Communications and Service departments.  This process encourages open and transparent government.  We also added a new server to make searching and organizing township public records easier.  We received an audit award from the Ohio State Auditor for clean accounting. Our meeting documents and financial reports are on the Union Townships website. In 2021 we plan to add police body cams for greater transparency.


Get back to core services.  I want to keep taxes low. Result:  Union Township has done more with less and increase revenues through savings and fiscal responsibility. All the while we have improved our core services. We settled a long standing contract dispute between our fire fighters and the previous board, and got them under contract. We have added new police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and service trucks. We repaired lakes at Clepper and Veteran’s Parks, added new sidewalks, repaved streets, repaired long time drainage issues on Rumpke Road and Clermont Lane and upgraded our Park and Ride. We added new parking at the Civic Center.  We also hired numerous new police officers and firefighters.

Promote New Business and fill up empty store fronts.  Result: Not only did we fill up empty store fronts such as the vacant Sears Automotive (now redeveloped for retail locations), Vacant Block Buster Videos (Now redeveloped as Sherwin Williams) The mostly vacant Eastgate Station has now been redeveloped into 32 East with new stores and millions of dollars of reinvestment.  The old and vacant Garden Ridge is now a new multimillion dollar development called the Eastgate Market place. The empty Danbury Movie Theater is now RJ Cinemas.   The remaining empty space at Jungle Jim’s is now a 2000 seat Crossroads Church. The vacant Great Scott Restaurant is now Lazlo’s Iron Skillet. 

Attract New Jobs and Development. Result: We cannot have a great township unless our residents have jobs.  The following are some of the new jobs and development under way since I took office: Otterbein $10 million development and 75 new jobs,  New West Clermont High School 98 million dollars and hundreds of new jobs, Key Resin 23 new jobs, Multicolor 60 nmcgraew jobs,  Stewart Film 30 new jobs, General Data 60 new jobs, New restaurants including Freddy’s, Buffalo Wings and Rings, Arbys, Jersey Mikes, Raising Cane, Laszlo’s, Taco Bell, McDonalds and a new Domino’s  all adding hundreds of new jobs. Also coming new is Mike’s Car Wash, Discount Tire, Vavoline Oil Change, Mt. Carmel Brewing redevelopment, Holman Motors expansion, Jeff Wyler Used Cars, Jeff Wyler Mazda, Estrella MI Homes, Trilogy Senior Care, Clover Senior Apartments, 360 Properties luxury apartments, Mercy Health and Children’s Hospital all adding hundreds of million dollars in new investment to Union Township. Hamilton Safe just broke ground on a new $12 million dollar facility on Round Bottom Rd.

Looking to the Future – Let’s keep the momentum going.  We have an unprecedented agreement with the West Clermont Schools to help fund the building of a new High School. This agreement came with no new taxes needed for our residents.  Due to this agreement, the school district will get additional credits from the state to build 2 new elementary schools and renovate a 3rd one.  The result is millions of new dollars being invested in our township.  It is hard to measure the positive economic impact of this investment.  We also have millions of dollars in new road investments on the way. Completed now is a major redevelopment of the Piccadilly Apartments which ends years of crime and drugs that came out of this complex.  This 11 million dollar investment will be totally new with new residents. Real estate sales are up and the number of vacant homes is going down. 

I look forward to having your support,


John K McGraw

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