John McGraw for Trustee
Union Township –   Trust                 Transparency                     Teamwork

Union Township is a great place to live, work and play.  I want to raise the bar on what we can achieve. We can lead the region with new development, and we can have the best core services. We have so many talented people in our township and I know we can tap into that potential.  I have the proven leadership that we need to move forward to become a showcase place to live and work. What we need is teamwork and we need to pull together our efforts to move in a unified direction. I will empower our departments to be the best they can be. We will do more with less. 

As a current trustee in Union Township, I helped lead the team that brought thousands of new jobs to Clermont County. In 2020, we approved $58 million in new projects.  In the past 5 years, Union Township attracted over $300 million in new development while at the same time we preserved our neighborhoods and improved our schools. We partnered with West Clermont in a ground breaking plan to build the new West Clermont High school without a bond levy. We built up our core services with new equipment and upgrades while keeping your cost low. With all the new retail in Union Township we helped the county improve with additional sales tax revenue.  Union Township has become a regional leader and we are competing with the best areas in the Cincinnati region.  The outlook for Union Township looks even stronger in 2021. We just helped Hamilton Safe break ground on a new $12 million dollar facility with 200 new jobs on the way. TQL has a new building that will bring over 1000 new jobs. At the same time I have worked to get pot holes fixed and new road improvements. We have added thousands of feet of new sidewalks improving public safety.

I know I can keep this level of improvement in Union Township while still preserving our neighborhoods and history many of our residents cherish. 

I respectfully ask for your support and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.

Thank you,

John K McGraw

Candidate for Union Township Trustee

Restoring TRUST

  • Demanding honesty, integrity and fairness in government and eliminating conflicts of interest

Respecting PEOPLE

  • Engaging the people in key decisions
  • Being transparent in all matters
  • Providing fast and responsive answers

Fostering TEAMWORK

  • Between county and local government for the benefit of the people

Improving SERVICE

  • Eliminating wasteful spending and unnecessary bureaucracy while investing in better services and infrastructure

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